How can CleanRoom transform your shop?

By providing innovative products and equipment chosen based on years of analysis and side-by-side comparison.

How do these changes affect your shop's flow?

Increased productivity = improving your cycle times and decreasing the number of touches per repair

Self-perpetuating system – when a cleaner environment is created for employees, employees are inspired to keep it clean!

Cost savings = decreased labor usage = higher efficiency = energy savings = time saving products

The Products We Supply

Let us give you a clean slate! CleanRoom can help you implement your lifelong goal for your business.
CleanRoom Paint Gun

What sets Clean Room apart from other companies?

CleanRoom works with the most reputable and advanced companies to ensure that we only provide you quality products. It is our mission to help you create a system that increases productivity and decreases cost. We have carefully selected our suppliers and have maintained respectable long term relationships with them to ensure that we can provide you, the body shop owner, with exceptional products and timely service. Take a look at the various product lines or give us a call today!


CleanRoom was designed as a movement towards greater success, waste elimination, increased productivity, and lower costs. Our goal is to repair, restore, and revitalize your system by providing high quality tools and an abundance of information and training, all while requiring little effort from you, the body shop owner. We want you to experience the feeling of having the shop running at its’ highest potential.