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By using a cutting-edge product, the oldest body shop in San Francisco, Alioto’s Garage & Auto Body is saving money and walking the walk when it comes to being a true green business. When a new technician joined the crew at Alioto’s and praised a product called Like90 Spray Mask a while back, they decided to try it and now they’re happy that they did.

Like 90 Spray Mask is the fastest, easiest way to protect your vehicle from overspray contamination.  When applied early in the process it ensures that your vehicle will be protected from start to finish. Unlike masking with plastic, there’s no need to mask multiple times; for prime then again for paint. Removing contamination (overspray) from a painted vehicle once complete can prove costly as well as prevent on-time vehicle delivery. We consider this “rework” which of course is not estimated into the repair.

“A 15 gallon container of Like 90 Spray Mask lasts for approximately 90-100 cars,” Alioto’s President Chris Alioto explained. “Imagine having to plastic wrap each one of these cars two times? Between the labor and the cost of cleaning up and then putting it in the landfill, using this product is a no-brainer.

“We now use Like90 Spray Mask every day and are thrilled with it,” Alioto continued. “Not only does it help with overspray, which is better for the shop and our customers as well, but it also saves us a considerable amount of time and money. We no longer have to wrap cars once for priming and a second time for painting and that saves on labor and materials costs. It also lowers rework for overspray. Since we began using this product, we have not had one instance of overspray found on a car and helps the environment by reducing landfill and lowering refuse costs.  Everyone here loves it!”

Other benefits for using Like 90 Spray Mask include:

  • It dries clear allowing you to move the vehicle around the shop without demasking or to driving the vehicle into the booth already masked.
  • Once Spray Mask is applied, you have virtually eliminated the opportunity for overspray or buffing splatter to attach itself to the vehicle. You have also locked down existing contamination on the vehicle where it can’t become airborne and contaminate paintwork. Airborne contamination contributes to “trash in paint”.
  • Countless hours are often spent nibbing and buffing vehicles once they leave the booth.
  • Eliminates garbage cans that are overflowing with paper, plastic and tape. This not only represents lost profits to the shop but poses a challenge to the Environment. Costly trash removal and additional burden placed on landfills are all reasons to utilize Spray Mask.
  • The realized savings to the shop when factoring in the labor savings attributed to multiple masking operations, material savings, trash removal and lack reworks can be $ 1,750 per month for a shop that averages 50 cars.
  • Like90 Spray Mask is biodegradable. Often the final step in the repair of a vehicle is a wash. Once hydrated with water, Spray Mask releases itself from the vehicle with ease.

About Alioto’s Garage & Auto Body

It all began in 1939, when Frank “Babe” Alioto Sr., the first American born child of Sicilian immigrants opened his doors at Alioto’s Garage & Auto Body in Daly City, CA. With business booming, Alioto moved the auto body shop to San Francisco’s Marina District in 1946. The business grew as the country rebounded from World War II and the shop started working on all of the new Packards, Chryslers and Plymouths that started hitting the roads in the Bay Area.

Alioto’s kept moving to different parts of the city as the business grew and in 1951, Babe moved the shop to Folsom Street, their current location. Babe raised his son, Frank, Jr. in the shop and taught him the in’s & out’s of collision repair and refinishing. When Babe passed away in 1962, the torch was logically passed on to Frank, Jr.

A father of two boys, Frank Alioto Jr. continued the family tradition by raising two sons, Matt and Chris. In 1994, Frank, Jr. added an additional 40,000 square feet to accommodate the increasing demand for quality collision repair in San Francisco. In 2007, another building was added to the shop and increased capacity by another 18,000 square feet.

Frank, Jr. retired in 2007 and handed the reins over to Matt and Chris who now run the business. In January of 2011, the brothers expanded yet again with the acquisition of a new location in Pacific Heights. In 2013, their third location was added, as Alioto’s has adapted to all of the changes in the collision industry and thrived in a highly competitive market.

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