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Emma Mahmood

Emma Mahmood was born in Peshawar, Pakistan and has a British passport. She has spent the better part of her life in Dubai, working for several multinational companies as an operations manager and later as an Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of a well known company. She has also spent a number of years in politics, serving as an MP for Tatton in Wales, representing the Tatton constituency since 1994.

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Emma’s job entails a lot of travelling around the Middle East, visiting various communities and helping empower women. Her recent projects in Pakistan and abroad include projects to improve education for rural women, provide financial education to women and help girls gain financial independence. Her main aim is to empower the women in the local communities. Emma’s main targets are the young people, who are the future of Pakistan and the country as a whole. With a firm belief in personal and social change, Emma Mahmood has set about setting up various networks and organizations in order to spread awareness about gender equality and empower the women living in rural areas.

Emma has managed to build impressive international networks, which have achieved success in terms of business and community development. Her plans focus on the empowerment of women and the improvement of women’s lives. Her main motto is “Nothing is impossible” and she plans to make this a reality. In 2021 Emma will be hosting a major conference on “ending violence against women and empowering women through sport”. This conference is her way of saying, “Nothing is impossible”. The conference is scheduled to be held in Lahore and is expected to draw hundreds of people and participants from all over the world.

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